What makes a good workplace?

For 2080 hours every year, most of us live among our colleagues. Choose your workplace wisely. According to a recent study, your risk of dying is directly impacted by how nice your co-workers are.

You got it: having peer social support at work is a “protective factor”, reducing the risk of mortality, especially for 38- to 43-year-olds. (You can read the technical study here, or get the easy-to-read overview here.) 

Having a mission-focus or service component, even if you’re not a nonprofit, is also critical today. “Schools of social work across the country have embraced service learning as an important and effective means of teaching competencies while benefiting community partners,” says an article in Children’s Voice. But a new generation of emerging leaders wants  more: flexible working environments, mentoring and professional development opportunities, and immersion in mission-focused work.

Rebecca Joffrey is co-director of the Career Development Office at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. In a recent interview with NPR, she said companies should market themselves to young people who see a job as more than just a paycheck. That’s what the national Parents as Teachers office has found, too.

We’re known for mission, but supporting that mission are young finance, IT, public policy, marketing and communications professionals.