Who’s got your back?

It happened again in St. Louis: a young mother overwhelmed by a crying baby lost control, beat and killed her 1-year-old child. In a similar case a quarter century earlier, the judge noted that the mother was “simply ill-equipped to be a mother…she had no parenting skills.”

How does one acquire parenting skills?
Most of us parent the way we were parented. But those without good role models are left to find their own way. The lucky ones find their way to Parents as Teachers.

Parents as Teachers is the trusted resource professionals and the families they serve turn to for parenting skill-building. Through a proven home visiting model, these trained professionals help families build strong protective factors that promote parental resilience, create social connections to provide emotional support, and yes…increase knowledge of parenting and child development.

 Being a parent is hard work.
Parents as Teachers has your back.