Parents as Teachers means business!

The livelihoods of most people depends on their skills and the compensation they receive for them,” Nobel Laureate James Heckman told an audience in Monterey, Calif., last month.

About one out of six young Americans leave school without graduating, impacting the entire economy since high school graduates:

  • have more skills
  • earn more
  • draw less government assistance
  • are less likely to have criminal records

Parents as Teachers helps develop a future workforce that is skilled and globally competitive.

No, we’re not teaching statistics or physics. But we are laying the foundation for problem solving and social skills…skills required by 21st century jobs. We deliver children who:

  • have better language skills
  • are twice as likely to be reading-ready by kindergarten
  • do better on standardized reading and math tests in second grade
  • require half the rate of remedial and special education placements in third grade

The need for Parents as Teachers is growing.

So is the number of middle class Americans who are falling into poverty. Nationwide, the number of children living in an area of concentrated poverty has increased by 25 percent since 2000.

With your support, we can deliver the knowledge workers of tomorrow.

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Top photo used under Creative Commons license via besighyawn’s photostream.