Where’s the best place to work?

Ever wonder which workplace would be the best place to work? A handful of St. Louis employees can tell you: it’s Parents as Teachers national office.

Our workplace was recognized this month as one of the 50 best nonprofits to work for by The NonProfit Times, the leading business publication for nonprofit management. Parents as Teachers ranked twelfth among all nonprofit employers, and sixth among small nonprofit organizations!

The ranking is based on responses to The NonProfit Times’ third annual Best Places to Work survey which gathered information about work benefits, policies, culture and general work satisfaction from nonprofit employees at participating 501(c)(3) organizations nationwide. Each employer provided information about their organizational policies and practices, and each employee responded to approximately 72 statements about the organization’s leadership, work environment, training and development, supervision, pay and benefits, and overall employee engagement. Those nonprofits with the overall best scores were selected as the top 50 nonprofit employers.

What got Parents as Teachers such high rankings on this national list? Among the benefits cited by staff were:

  • flexible work hours
  • an active staff development committee that plans everything from brown bag professional development lunches to a holiday fund-raising bazaar to parking lot BBQs celebrating the hometown sports teams
  • time off to contribute to community service projects
  • recognition of longevity

Staff celebrations make Parents as Teachers a great place to work.

This office houses about 35 employees who support Parents as Teachers services around the world by providing training, curriculum development, fundraising, advocacy, IT infrastructure and administrative support. We help roughly 10,000 parent educators around the world who provide personal visits with families to make sure children are healthy, safe and ready to learn in kindergarten. It’s a big responsibility that everyone here takes very seriously.