How engineers are made

Engineer in the making?

Every one of today’s engineers started out the same way: as a blank slate; none of them came pre-programmed. Yet somehow they all found their way into engineering.

Lucky for them. According to former astronaut Bonnie Dunbar, now director of higher education and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) at the Boeing Company, there aren’t enough engineers to go around.

What makes an engineer tick? Early exposure to activities like block play, say early childhood experts at Parents as Teachers.  Quantity, or number sense, is as important to math development as the sound of words is to emergent literacy, they say.

Just as children need to hear language, rhymes and sounds for early literacy, they also need experience to develop number sense. Blocks help develop that sense. Playing with blocks offers hands-on experience solving problems (How high can this tower be without falling? How do you build an arch? Why does this tower keep leaning?)

How do you make an engineer? Block by block by block.

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