Unusual suspects are looking for a champion

In his book The Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell describes how the success of social change depends on connectors (people who span many different worlds to bring folks together) and mavens (the information brokers).

Parents as Teachers is the trusted resource for the most respected organizations and professionals who serve the evolving needs of families. Sometimes in our role we like to connect you with people you might not encounter in your regular business day.

Like Robert Putnam, a Harvard scientist who studies social norms and most recently, the decline of social capital. His team looked at the inequality of opportunities among children and the implications for our country in the years to come.

Like Sara Watson, director and cofounder of ReadyNation. Shouldn’t returns on investment should be key considerations in public resource allocation decisions?

Like Joyce Walters, former director of education and workforce initiatives at the Boeing Company, who launched Corporate Education Strategies this year to build effective business/education partnerships. Can we transform education so all students can compete in a global economy?

Like PNC Bank. Its Foundation sees ties among education and community and economic development that help students meet the demand for increased skills in the workplace.

None of these are your typical early childhood folks.
All are looking for be a champion.

 Could it be you?