Parents as Teachers: building strong families everywhere!

Parents as Teachers recognizes that children learn, grow and develop within the context of families, so our approach focuses on family well-being as much as it does on child development. Yes, we’re known for improving school readiness of young children, but Parents as Teachers can also improve educational outcomes for participating parents. Here’s one story:

We’re in a small and very rural community in North Carolina and we serve many bilingual families. It’s great to see how we impact the whole family—not just the children, but the parents, too.

The Gonzalez family is a great example. The mother is from Mexico, the dad is from Texas, and they have three children. I have worked with all three. Mom went to school in the United States until ninth or tenth grade. As time went on, she expressed an interest to me about improving her education and possibly getting her GED.

I didn’t have a GED class onsite so I collaborated with the local community college to bring the class to Franklinville. There was no way she was going to go to the main campus 20 minutes away — she doesn’t even drive! When we brought the GED classes on-site, she was able to attend classes regularly and today she is almost finished with her GED.

Amanda (North Carolina)