Why you should watch the presidential debates

Here at Parents as Teachers we’re keeping a watchful eye on the upcoming election. As a recognized leader in the delivery of evidence-based home visiting and parent engagement tools that demonstrate successful results in the school readiness, literacy, health and development of young children, we know there’s a critical link between our work and the economy.

Block play builds brains

“Politicians, and, by extension, the people who vote for them, don’t see early learning as a priority,” says this EdWeek blog. But they should, we maintain.

Child care is essential to a successful economy, yet the “election chatter glosses over our child care morass.” Approximately three million child care providers care for 10 million children—including six million infants and toddlers—each day. Care providers—those who are with children while their parents work, or those who step in when parents are otherwise unable to care for their children—play a critical role in the economy!

This blog takes a look at three of the big differences in the candidates’ positions on school vouchers, K-12 teacher performance, and federal student loans.

Read a side-by-side comparison of President Obama’s record on education vs. Mitt Romney’s plan.

No matter which side of the debate you’re on,
consider the impact of your vote on the next generation.
 Vote graphic used under Creative Commons license via Alan Cleaver’s photostream.