I want to see PAT thrive the way PAT helped my son to thrive.*

Dear Parents as Teachers people,

My husband and I took advantage of Parents as Teachers when our son was born in 1993. He was 10 weeks premature and we felt we could use all the help we could get. Last week, we sent our son off to college. He graduated in the top 15% of his high school class. He was named a commended student in the 2012 Merit Scholarship Program for ranking in the top 5% of students who took the PSAT in 2011. We appreciate all the help and input that came from Parents as Teachers in our son’s first few years.

It saddens me that funding has decreased for Parents as Teachers and other educational organizations. I was really proud that Missouri, my state, was in on the ground floor of Parents as Teachers.

So here is our gift to Parents as Teachers. I know it’s not much. As a federal employee, I have also felt the pinch of this “new economy.” We had to cut back on our charitable giving because of a number of things. Even so, most of our charitable donations have decreased. Last year our donation to Parents as Teachers was only $10, but this year I learned about the government cutbacks and wanted to do a little more. I want to see Parents as Teachers thrive the way Parents as Teachers helped my son to thrive.


*A true letter received by Parents as Teachers National Center, the trusted resource for the most respected organizations and professionals meeting the evolving needs of families.
Photo used under Creative Commons license via jjpacres’ photostream.