What “ordinary” parents can do

There’s nothing “ordinary” about parenting. Every child…every family…every day is unique. But turning ordinary, everyday activities into learning opportunities…now that’s extra ordinary. Like this example from a Georgia Parents as Teachers parent educator:

Photo used under Creative Commons license via scalefreenetwork’s photostream.

After completing a home visit with a family, I asked mom to help her child create “a getting to know me” poster. The instructions were to draw a life-size image of the child. Allow her to look through magazines, books, newspaper, etc. to cut out things she likes and paste them onto that sheet. At our next home visit, I wanted her to be ready to present it. 

When I returned for our next home visit, the child was ready and very excited to tell all about what she had created. Let me tell you, I was very excited as well! I was able to see just how creative this mom was with this project. She used the back side of Christmas wrapping paper to draw a life-size image of her child, then allowed her child to cut out and paste pictures of things she likes such as toys, shoes, clothes, money, etc. These pictures came from many different sources such as coupons, sales papers, magazines, play money from one her games, and so on. This child was able to tell me about everything she cut out and pasted. My favorite one was a picture of a baby. She told me she cut that one out because she wanted a baby sister.

Once this activity was complete I knew for sure this family shares one-on-one time together and mom was truly being creative while parenting!

Parents as Teachers…building extraordinary parents everywhere!

Used under Creative Commons license via blmuch’s photostream