Do you have a professional development plan?

Teachers have it. So do doctors, dentists, engineers, lawyers and financial planners. It’s a plan to maintain and upgrade your professional expertise to not only stay on top of your game but to ensure your students/patients/clients are receiving the very best advice and expertise.

The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants offers these suggestions when it comes to creating a career roadmap. If your field is early childhood, shouldn’t your professional development plan include something similar?

PAT_Knowledge Studio_pms

The Knowledge Studio powered by Parents as Teachers is a special division of Parents as Teachers that offers specialized curricula and training—both online and face-to-face—in a variety of topic-specific areas for any professional working with children and families. These à la carte options take into account your learning style, time and budget and allow you to come back time and again to add expertise to your learning portfolio.

Which of these topic areas could add new skills to your portfolio?