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2012 in review

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 17,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals!

In 2012, there were 58 new posts, growing the total archive of our blog to 308 posts. The busiest day of the year was September 4: the post popular post that day was “Look who’s talking about Parents as Teachers.”

These posts got the most views in 2012:

The top referring sites in 2012 were:


How do you create a legacy?

It’s always rewarding to do good work, but it’s especially rewarding to know you’ve contributed to a greater good.

Parents as Teachers looked very different when I came here 13 years ago! I am extremely proud of the organization it has become and appreciate beyond words the opportunity I was given to lead the communication efforts that helped achieve so much.

One of my colleagues shared a delightful holiday card she received out of the blue from a family she visited as a Parents as Teachers parent educator a decade ago. They still remember how she touched their lives.

Never doubt that you are having an impact!

2013 opens new opportunities for all of us. I will be moving on to apply my skills in other ways; others will be picking up the torch here and continuing to impact countless numbers of lives in exciting and positive ways. Please continue your support for Parents as Teachers.


Onward! New opportunities await.

Photo used under Creative Commons license via Scott Wills photostream.

Thoughts for a New Year

Make 2013 a year of personal growth and development. Here are a few thoughts to jump start your year. They’re not mine, but worth sharing. (Read the full article.)

  1. Foster your own personal growth.
  2. Be present in this moment.
  3. Focus on your authenticity and integrity.
  4. Turn your goals into daily habits.
  5. Be ambitious enough to fail, and be OK with it.
  6. Choose to push forward even when it hurts.
  7. Let go of needless worries and old wounds.
  8. Spend time with those who inspire you.
  9. Help others when you’re able.
  10. Rest your ego and the meaningless comparisons.
New Year's plans

Make 2013 a good one so all children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential!