5 stages of block play

1. Discovering blocks

— Exploring physical characteristics by carrying, pushing, feeling, tasting, holding, dropping

What’s he learning? Texture, weight
Tip: offer a variety of blocks and some containers

2. Stacking blocks

—Vertically, horizontally or in a line

What’s she learning? Cause and effect (Will the tower fall?)
Tip: try the same thing with smaller blocks

3. Complex stacking

—Making a 3-dimensional structure with no interior space

What’s she learning? How is this tower like a building?
Tip: try providing pattern cards

4. Building enclosures

—Enclosing space flat on the floor; sometimes naming the enclosure

What are they learning? To work together; language skills
Tip: offer toy people, farm animals, cars

5. Building bridges and arches

—Placing a block that spans the space between two supporting blocks or towers

What’s he learning? Balance, proportion
Tip: try showing pictures of famous bridges and arches, offer toy boats

Parenting ideas from Parents as Teachers.


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