Play ball!

Learning to take turns can be one of the most challenging lessons a young child learns! So why not incorporate turn-taking in a fun way that helps your child develop upper body muscles at the same time? Between 8-14 months is the perfect time since children are beginning to understand behavior. And warm, responsive daily interactions with your child help create permanent brain connections for secure attachment. 



Wad and crumple the paper into a ball like this.

You can even make your own balls.
What you need:

Scrap paper or old magazines
Masking tape

 What to do:
1. Wad and crumple the paper into a ball.
2. Wrap the ball with masking tape until it is hard and round.
3. Sit on the floor across from each other and roll the ball to her. 
4. Encourage her to roll it back to you.

Top photo used under Creative Commons license via fumpt’s photostream.

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