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Are the kids OK?

The Annie E. Casey Foundation recently released its Kids Count data book of information and data trends about families.

If you guessed 18% you’re correct. This increase means that 2.4 million more children are living below the federal poverty line. Data also reveal that in 2010, 11% of children had at least one unemployed parent, and 4% were affected by foreclosure between 2007 and 2009.

The Parents as Teachers model is known for its universal applicability since higher income does not necessarily equate with higher quality parenting. Today, Parents as Teachers continues to build strong families by focusing on those most vulnerable and building opportunities for the next generation.

How does your state stack up?


Encouraging early literacy

by Stephanie Brown

Did you know that children begin their path to literacy as soon as they hear a human voice?

It’s essential that families promote a love of reading, writing and effective communication in the environment where a child learns first: her home. In fact, new research from Vanderbilt University shows that early support for literacy in the home, especially in combination with support from preschool teachers, can predict fourth-grade reading comprehension and word recognition.

Why is this important?

  • Students who are above grade level for reading in grade 3 graduate and enroll in college at higher rates than students who are at or below grade level says a report to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Parents as Teachers shows you how to help encourage early literacy skills here

Stephanie Brown is a graduate of Maryville University and an intern at Parents as Teachers.