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Are we a charity or a nonprofit?

Choose your words carefully when it comes to describing yourself. According to Allan Benamer’s blog post in Nonprofit Tech Blog, it could make the difference in how donors perceive you.

Benamer used Google trends to compare the number of online searches for “charities” vs. “nonprofits”. What he found was that after natural disasters like tsunamis or hurricanes, people look for “charities” to support. On the other hand, news coverage trended toward nonprofits rather than charities.

Several years ago, Worth magazine recognized Parents as Teachers as one of the top 10 children’s charities deserving support. Interestingly, many parent educators found the classification unsettling.

Nonprofit or charity? Choose your word wisely.


My Mommy Manual kicks off support for Parents as Teachers

Yesterday I spent an exhilarating hour with Ria and Sharon, two of the most energetic young moms I know! (Follow them on Twitter at @riasharon and @zenmommy.)

On their Web site mymommymanual.com they’ve kicked off a monthly online raffle to raise money for charities. Right now Parents as Teachers is the featured recipient.

1) On the first of every month, mymommymanual will announce a new raffle prize.
2) To be entered into the raffle, use the ChipIn widget on their Web site to donate at least $1
3) At the end of the month, they will draw a raffle winner!

This month, Artistic Sensations founder (and mommy), Kim Gellman is contributing a very cool Toddler Nap/Sleeping Sack valued at $45. Now’s your chance to get a very cool nap mat and contribute toward Parents as Teachers at the same time. Do it now. And be sure to check back in at www.mymommymanual.com for next month’s raffle, too!