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Who supports the child care providers?

A sad story in Sunday’s Post-Dispatch shows the struggles both families and the informal child care arrangements so many employ face.

With family, friends and neighbors now the most common source of infant and toddler care, there has been a steady increase in Parents as Teachers home visiting programs who provide visits to care providers…both licensed and unlicensed, center-based and home-based.

In fact, Parents as Teachers National Center, the backbone of the nation’s largest parent education program, started offering training for parent educators doing just that: supporting care providers through personal visits and supporting infant/toddler care providers.

Karen Guskin, research director at Parents as Teachers National Center, and Kerry Caverly, director of Parents as Teachers Center for Professional Development, just returned from Head Start’s Ninth National Research Conference where current research is confirming that care providers are in need of  supporting networks and information about child development, health and safety, and activities to do with children. Who better to do that than Parent as Teachers programs?