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What’s economics got to do with it?

By Sue Stepleton

Wow; what a week on the financial front! Never did I think I’d be watching the stock market every hour on the hour, but I certainly have.¬†Clearly, implications are both personal and professional.

The challenge for early childhood folks, though, is not to lose focus.¬†Seems to me that it’s more important than ever to understand and use the very strong “return on investment” arguments that are plentiful and valid when we talk about early childhood care and education. Whatever direction our country (and the world) is moving economically, the need to make the pay-now-or-pay later case has never been more relevant.

How do we assure that we’re included in the conversation?

  • Register to vote; encourage parents we work with to do the same.
  • Send questions to moderators of the upcoming debates.
  • Get involved in local races.
  • Run for office ourselves.

How are you making your voice heard?