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Who cares for the care providers?

Family, friend or neighbor care is the most popular choice for families.

Child care provided by a family, friend or neighbor in an informal home setting is the most popular type of child care across all socioeconomic groups. While it can be a safe, comfortable choice for families, these informal settings don’t always address health and safety concerns or provide the educational enrichment found in high-quality care settings.

Parents as Teachers is a leader in using a relationship-based approach to provide support and child development information not only for parents but also for family, friend and neighbor providers. In fact, research supports the effectiveness of home visits as a method of supporting family, friend and neighbor care providers.

A study by Cornell University researchers found that care provider visits using the Parents as Teachers curriculum significantly increased the quality of care they offered.

  • Overall quality of the care setting increased
  • Children’s language and reasoning skills improved
  • Children’s social development increased

Are you a professional who would like to support family, friend and neighbor care-givers in your community?

Contact Parents as Teachers.


Does your family have these 5 protective factors?

Funny how everything in life is linked to families, huh?

  • Strengthening families strengthens communities.
  • Strong communities build local economies.
  • Together, strong local economies sustain state and national efforts.

Almost all strong families have five things going for them:

  • Parental resilience
  • Social connections
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Concrete support in times of need
  • Children with good social and emotional development
  • When these five “protective factors” are present in a family, the potential for child abuse and neglect diminish research shows.

    At 2:30pm ET on Tuesday, June 15 the Center for the Study of Social Policy will host a webinar to present findings from its report, “Almost Like Family: Family Child Care.” The report focuses on how a Strengthening Families approach centered on building protective factors with families benefits society.

    Parents as Teachers is committed to incorporating the Strengthening Families approach into all of its training and curricula for early childhood professionals. During this webinar Kerry Caverly will demonstrate how it supports a curriculum for family, friend and neighbor child care providers.

    Be sure to register for the webinar. (It’s free!)