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25 million good buys

Twenty-five million children under 5.
Twenty-five million potential new employees for U.S. businesses starved for skilled workers.

With 76 million baby boomers set to retire soon, there are not enough skilled workers to replace them. The estimated shortfall is 25 million workers. This shortage will result in intense future competition for workers and many jobs going unfilled.

The good news is the failing workforce pipeline can be repaired. The better news is that the solution offers an incredible return on investment—as much as 17:1 according to noted economists. If it was your business, where would you put your money?

The solution? Early childhood. Early experiences impact how we learn…and how much we earn.

The foundation of many skills needed for 21st century jobs, including problem solving and social skills, are established in the first five years of life. Each kind of brain development has a different window of opportunity for learning. Once the window for a particular ability has shut, it is much harder—if not nearly impossible—for a child to learn this skill.

So much of what a child learns when he enters school builds on the skills that are mastered while these windows for learning are open!

The window for investment is open now.
What’s holding you back?