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Why can’t Missouri get it right?

Congratulations, Missouri. If Senator Rob Mayer’s (R-25-SE MO) proposed $14 million funding cut to Parents as Teachers in Missouri is approved, it may jeopardize Missouri’s eligibility for millions of dollars in federal funding.

Earlier this month a new federally funded home visiting grant program was enacted into law that provides $1.5 billion over five years for states. Like many federal grant programs provided to states, this new law includes a maintenance of effort clause that requires states to use these new funds to supplement, not replace, existing state funding for home visiting. This means states must maintain level funding over a period of fiscal years to be eligible for the new federal funds.

The Senate Appropriations Committee recommendation to cut Parents as Teachers funding by 59% jeopardizes Missouri’s ability to receive these unprecendented federal home visiting funds for children and families.

Missouri Parents as Teachers budget cut history

Missouri residents, if you feel like telling Sen. Mayer or your own senators how you feel about the way they’re managing your state’s budget, call the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, listed below.  You can reach their offices by calling the state capitol switch board at 573-751-2151.

Senate Appropriations Committee:
Senator Rob Mayer, Chair (R-25)
Senator Kurt Schaefer, Vice-Chair (R-19)
Senator Tom Dempsey, (R-23)
Senator Jim Lembke, (R-1)
Senator David Pearce, (R-31)
Senator Chuck Purgason, (R-33)
Senator Scott Rupp, (R-2)
Senator Frank Barnitz, (D-16)
Senator Joan Bray (D-24)
Senator Tim Green, (D-13)
Senator Yvonne Wilson, (D-9)

The Committee will continue to consider recommendations through next week, then the full Senate will begin debate on the budget on the Senate floor. 

Call for me!

Tell them Missouri’s 154,000 Parents as Teachers children asked you to call.