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Who needs Parents as Teachers?

Yesterday I stopped by the bank. While waiting for the computer to pull up my account, my customer service rep Bryant and I chatted. “Where do you work?” he asked. When I told him National Center for Parents as Teachers he exclaimed, “Our parent educator just came yesterday!” It started us on a longer exchange about kids and parenting.

Bryant’s wife has her doctorate degree and works at the high school level with challenging students. “She really appreciates Parents as Teachers,” Bryant told me. “Because her background is at the other end of the educational spectrum, she’s not as well versed in early development. Despite her degree and her profession, this is all new to her. We’ve both learned a lot from Parents as Teachers.”

I urged him and his wife to tell their stories in the StoryFront form on the Parents as Teachers Web site. It’s just the kind of thing decision-makers need to hear.

You can listen to some of the recorded stories here.