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Parents as Teachers lives here.

At the intersection of two busy streets smack dab in the middle of an urban housing development in Kansas sits a Parents as Teachers program.

  • Annual income for a typical household here lingers below $10,000.
  • Half of the households have at least one person with a disability; most face physical, emotional and family structure challenges.

Such a high poverty level and a need for services sparked a unique community effort that has been successful in making Parents as Teachers available and incredibly impactful to these housing development families.

“Affordable housing residents care deeply about the same things middle and upper income parents care about: their children. Having a Parents as Teachers program on site is confirmation that our housing authority also cares about their children and puts us on a more positive footing with tenants. Tenants who participate in Parents as Teachers understand the importance of their children succeeding in school and see Parents as Teachers as a means to this end.”

Community leaders already knew that Parents as Teachers helps children enter school ready to learn. What they didn’t know is that Parents as Teachers also adds to a property’s community and cohesiveness. As with affordable housing, Parents as Teachers brings stability to families.

  • Parenting education services are a natural part of wrap-around services that may include after school programs, food pantries, job training or ESL classes.
  • Services take place where families live, minimizing logistical challenges.
  • Place-based services also reduce costs of delivering services since the parent educators who visit families in their homes are located on site.

What does Parents as Teachers offer affordable housing developers?

  • Potential for tax credits and the extra points that come with high quality services
  • Easier recruitment to prospective residents and reduced turnover
  • Less vandalism, repair, maintenance as parents become more involved and attentive

Some of our best partners are housing communities who realize how parenting education and engagement can strengthen a community. Our goal is to help parents engage with their children in ways that lead to a lifetime of good health, educational achievement, and future success.

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