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Our top 10 posts of 2010


Used under Creative Commons license

January is traditionally a time to recap past success as we plan for the future, so it seems fitting to take a look at our top 10 posts of 2010. Here they are, in reverse order.

10. It’s a matter of priorities. Everyone has priorities. Shouldn’t our children top the list, wondered Pat Simpson.

9. Crybaby. This post, compiled from comments of Missouri Parents as Teachers parents on the organization/s Facebook page, moved Pat Simpson to tears.

8. Just where IS the best place to live? Stephanie Utrup, Washington University practicuum student, looked at America’s Best Places to Live and found one factor missing.

7. The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different. Change is hard, but it’s a fact of life.

6. Early childhood programs and crime prevention: one expert’s take on it. Parents as Teachers is quite possibly the most cost-effective crime-fighting tool available to the American criminal justice system, said Mike Ramon, a former law enforcement officer, in this post.

5. An evidence-based approach to home visiting. Sue Stepleton, Parents as Teachers CEO, answered the question, What does it mean to be evidence-based?

4. Why can’t Missouri get it right? Tracking Missouri legislators as they whacked the state’s budget for Parents as Teachers was ongoing!

3. Let’s put Missouri in perspective. In Missouri, sometimes it’s hard to realize that Parents as Teachers also operates in 49 other states! This post by Pat Simpson put Missouri’s budget cust into perspective.

2. The top 10 things I learned at Parents as Teachers. Stephanie Utrup learned more than job skills during her practicum at Parents as Teachers!

1. The two faces of Parents as Teachers in Missouri. Maggie Probert, fund development director at Parents as Teachers, blogged about the different perspective Missourians have of their home-grown program.