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Are you Jake?

by Maggie Probert

Used under Creative Commons License

I’ve been playing Words with Friends, an iPhone app, with co-workers for months now…and routinely losing to my more erudite co-workers. Millions of people play this game on their smart phones every day and don’t do it for any other reason than for the fun of the game, much like me.
But tonight I had a word for 108 points, scoring far more points than any other word I have ever played. Even my opponent remarked WOW!
Honestly, when I played the word it was just a guess. When the score came up at 108 points I was shocked!  This one lucky, amazing move gave me enough points to win the game.
Fortunately, we don’t have to be lucky with our children.  We know what the winning moves are. Talk to them. Read to them. Pay attention to them. Be involved. It’s as simple as that. All words will make the difference with your children.
By the way, my winning word was JAKE which means “I’m OK.” Maybe that’s the word parents need to keep in mind: I’m JAKE. The best thing you can be for your children is to be OK. Let’s all be JAKE and score enormous points in the lives of our children.